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“Noel and Jill were both very kind to me.  When I returned to see the sculpture I couldn't have been happier.  A perfect way to keep my Mum's ashes.” 


— Christine, Cornwall

Casting ashes on your behalf

The casting of ashes is always a moving experience and many have said they find it a helpful part of the grieving process.

Getting to know you is the most enjoyable part of the work we do here at Casting Ashes. Before Covid19 we could invite you to visit our workshop and meet you in person.  At the moment we are unable to do this.  However, we will inform you of the scheduled time for the casting so you can arrange to have a quiet moment where you are and join us in your thoughts.  We are happy to take photographs to send you by email if you would like us to do so.

"This is such a lovely photo.  You are very special people to accommodate such events."

Social Media

Social media is the means by which we let people know what we do here at Casting Ashes®.   It's helped us to establish our name and let people know about the unusual service we offer.  Although people were making jewellery using cremation ash at that time, we not aware of anyone else casting ashes into concrete sculpture.  When we told people about our business idea, it raised a few eyebrows.  We were very conscious that matters relating to end of life and in particular the handling of ashes make people uncomfortable.   Some find it morbid. 


However, when we began sharing images, not only of our products but also our process, we found that gradually attitudes began to change.  We recall how one lady was very reluctant to open the container of her husband's ashes yet she really wanted a keepsake and liked the idea of it being made from a little piece of Cornwall.  We talked about what she would like and she requested a small pebble to be made into a necklace so as to 'keep him close to my heart'.  In the end this lovely lady not only  she attended the casting,  but held the little cup and sprinkled the ashes herself.  She commented on how differently she now felt about it all, telling us she found the whole experience somehow freeing and therapeutic.   


All of this because of the posts she'd seen on social media which helped her overcome her initial misgivings.  


So sharing photos and commentary on social media is really important to us because it helps dispel fear and build confidence and trust for our customers.  


We are keen to be part of a progressive culture, doing our bit to help help soften the taboo and stigma that surrounds death and dying,  and move towards a more positive approach to end of life planning and supporting people through grief.


Privacy policy

Being transparent in our practise is important to us.  

So is respecting your privacy.

We try to get the balance right in the following ways:

We will never use a name, specific geographical location or details that would reveal your identity. 

You will only be visible by username on our social media if you take the initiative first by commenting on one of our posts.  When you mention and tag us your own feed we will of course acknowledge you and respond.

We include an opt-out checkbox on the order form we include in our Ashes Collection Kit.  If you missed this, or change your mind please don't worry, just get in touch with us to let us know.


We always schedule castings and let you know in advance the appointment time.  

We are happy to arrange to link up with you online for the ashes casting if you want to be more involved and watch from your home. 

This can be by FaceTime using your mobile phone number.

Or it can be via our Instagram page.

When we go live on Instagram anyone who follows our account will be notified.  This can be helpful if you want to tell friends or family to join with us at a scheduled time.   The broadcast will be viewable at Instagram Stories for 24 hours. Following this the recording will be removed. 

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