Cremation Sculpture

handcrafted in Cornwall

Earth to earth...

ashes to ashes...

d u s t   t o   d u s t . . .

This is essentially what we do here at Casting Ashes®. 

As an act of love and service,  on your behalf,

we cast ashes.




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Connected Through Sculpture

Adding cremation ash to sculpture is a beautiful way to honour someone's essence and celebrate their enduring presence in our lives.


We are Noel & Jill Brennan, a husband and wife team, and our aim is to help you stay connected by creating  something beautiful for you to have and to hold.  

Inspired by the coastal landscape, our pebbles and touchstones combine the essence of your loved one with earth's natural minerals.  We use crushed granite sourced from a local quarry, so you actually do get a little piece of Cornwall!  Our sculptural pieces are also created using raw materials and will bring calming neutral tones into your living space to blend unobtrusively with your home decor. 

We handle the ashes you send us with great care and every part of our process is done lovingly by hand.   Whenever we do a casting we honour the life commemorated by lighting a candle and will  play a piece of music you request for a personal touch.


You're never alone with a Companion Pebble. Elemental minerals and nature’s palette are blended to bring you beautiful pebbles small enough to fit in your pocket and travel with you wherever you go.


Holding Stones

Perfectly sized for your hand to have and to hold.  Elemental minerals and nature’s palette are blended to bring you beautiful stones that hold space for your loved one.

Candlesticks & Tealight Holders

Enjoy the comforting glow of candlelight. paired with the simple lines and soothing soft curves of our designs. 

Unique designs to your specification

You may have something specific in mind that captures the essence of a person in a way that is unique to them.  Talk to us about it.   Bespoke commissions start with sharing ideas and images, before sending you photos for approval and a quotation.   Bespoke commissions can be pricey due to time and materials involved in creating a unique design, but once we have your custom mould we can re-use it as often as you want for family and friends, so a multiple order is a cost-effective way of commissioning something bespoke. 




Helping you keep loved ones close.

"I really want you to both know what a fabulous job you have done. 
From start to finish you have treated us with kindness and an understanding you don’t often see these days. 
I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for us.  I will be sitting in front of the tv tonight holding my husbands hand and heart and I have you to thank for that."