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With over 25 years experience as a sculptor, model maker and scenic artist within the Film, TV and Exhibition industry, Noel is now able to indulge his main passion: sculpture.

Through Casting Ashes he employs his talent to respond sensitively to individual requests, so that the piece of art we create for you has personal meaning and can be a tangible means of finding connection.

There are a number of ways you can commission a piece of work: an adaptation on an existing design, a bespoke mould that may only be used by an individual customer or an original piece that cannot be repeated.



If you see something you like featured on our website but want it personalising with an initial, name or additional feature such as a thumbprint, a new mould will have to be made.  This involves starting the process from scratch working firstly in clay, then pouring rubber to create a silicone mould.  The process of creating an entirely new mould has a number of stages so the time taken needs to be factored in and will reflect in the price. 

No matter how small the adjustment, the process is the same, so it is worth considering ways an existing design can be adapted to keep the price down.  For example you could request a personalised plinth for one of our designs to stand on, such as with the heart shown here.


If you request something that may have a generic appeal and can be added to our catalogue, we may be able to quote slightly lower than usual for the commission.


Where there is a personalisation (with a name or initial) this is not possible as the mould can be used only by that particular client.


 Once a personalised mould has been made however,  repeat castings can be made relatively inexpensively, so it may be worth considering multiple orders to spread the cost of the initial commission.  


heart sculpture mounted on personalised plinth

bespoke holding heart with thumbprint

Bespoke Moulds

original pieces

Another way Noel can create cremation sculpture is to mix ashes and cement together to make a paste which is then applied to a steel frame to build form in stages. An example of this is shown here in this dancer figurine entitled Grace.



If you have anything in mind please speak to us and we will let you know the different options available depending on your requirement and budget. 



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