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'All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.'


Stunning, stylish, simple with a touch of scandinavian vibe, this tealight holder makes a discreet urn alternative that will look beautiful in any home.


It is designed with a cavity to hold a tea light so that from a side view only the flame is visible giving the impression of the sphere itself carrying a living light.



  • Our concrete is made using locally sourced crushed granite dust to which we add a polymer bonding agent to make the concrete frost proof and waterproof.  This means our sculptures are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors.  


    The sphere sculpture is created using a single silicone mould achieving a seamless smooth surface all the way round.  Ashes are added to the mould during casting as the cement is poured  so that they are fully incorporated into the solid piece. 


    Size:  10 x 12 cm  

    Recess:  5cm diameter

    Weight:  1.8kg


    We do not do multiple orders at the same time but give our full  attention to each individual order.  We light a candle and devote the time to casting the ashes mindfully on behalf of you and your family.

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