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"Nor am I a bird that flies...  I'm a safe nest."


If you can't decide between the different companion pebbles on offer, why not choose them all.   Set of three Companion Pebbles nesting  in our signature Mother Bowl, with just enough room for a tealight candle for that warm comforting glow.  


While not in use they sit safely in the holding bowl, an unobtrusive piece of home decor with a calming natural aesthetic. 


Choose between the neutral white palatte or the complementary  tones of white, sand and dark grey that reflect the coastal landscape.  


If you have a particular preference of colour choice for each pebble, or want to request a different tone, you will be able to do so on the order form we send you with the Ashes Collection Kit or by contacting us via the contact page.


Every part of the making process is done by hand and with mindful respect.  Upon receipt of the ashes we will schedule a casting. We do not do multiple orders at the same time but give our full  attention to each individual order.  We light a candle and devote the time to casting the ashes mindfully on behalf of you and your family.


BOWL IS FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY AND WILL NOT CONTAIN ASHES.  Small pieces of slate and tealight candle is also included as shown in the photo.



SKU: 364115376135191
  • Photos shown are for display only and used as a template. Colour match may not be exact and your pebble will be unique with its own distinct markings and character which is part of the artisan process.

    The Nest of Pebbles Includes:

    Pocket pebble

    Desk Pebble 


    Mother bowl & decorative slate

    The Mother Bowl is an original design by Casting Ashes®  and measures 14 x 3 cm.



    Choose 'white' option if you want all three pebbles cast in white cement.  Choose 'multi' for three contrasting tones (black, white, sand) as shown in photos.  

    NB: You will be able to specify preference of colour for each pebble on the order form included in the Ashes Collection Pack we will send you.

    If you do not make any specific requests regarding colour tone we will cast using the template shown in the display photos.  


    BOWL IS FOR DECORATION ONLY AND WILL NOT CONTAIN ASHES. Pieces of slate and tealight is also included.

  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery after placing your order.   This allows time for a casting to set before being removed from the mould.  We prefer to ensure the sculpture is thoroughly dry before we package it ready for shipping.  Depending on the order it may then need further treatment such as sanding, waxing and polishing or fixings attached.   We will keep in touch with you to let you know when we are ready to ship your order.


    For greater peace of mind we use a Signed For service. 

    Shipping is calculated by weight at the checkout. 

    Here are the categories: (up to and including)

    -2KG = £4.50

    -10KG = £7.50

    -15KG = £9.50

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