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Mottled cylindrical planter in white and light grey.   The mottled mist effect is achieved by a special hand-casting process whereby layers of cement are added in stages. A small amount of cremation ash is added to the darker cement colour so it is possible to distinguish where the ashes are held in the pot.  A planter used to house new life  and fresh green shoots is a lovely reminder of the ongoing cycle of life and the theme of perennial growth. 



  • A small amount of ashes is added to the mould as the cement is being poured so that they become fully incorporated into the solid piece.  Each piece is a new creation with its own character and charm. This includes surface markings such as granular patterns and air bubbles that naturally occur in the artisan process. Therefore please bear in mind that photos shown are for display only and direct replication is impossible.

    Ashes are cast into the darker tone of cement.

    For the 'Mist' design the base colour is the dominant tone with the second tone being the feature effect. 


    Height: 12 cm

    Diameter:  14 cm

    Inner cavity:  11 cm


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