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A Holding Stone does just what it says - holds space for a loved one - something solid and firm that during grief speaks to our longing for permanence in a world of constant change.  Resembling the smooth texture of weathered stones shaped by the elements, this handmade sculpture is a means of staying connected to loved ones no longer with us in physical form... something tangible to have and to hold.


The 'Teardrop' Holding Stone is so named becasue one end of the pebble narrows to a point giving the resemblance of a forming teardrop.  Holding stones are ergonomically designed to fit your hand for holding and turning as an interactive experience.  The contrast between the rough and smooth surfaces - which is the natural result of working with raw materials,  becomes an analogy for the 'rough and smooth' of life.






  • The Holding Stone is a single Touchstone from our original Touchstones moveable sculpture (Design 1).  


    Size:  9 x 4 x 6 cm

    Weight:  430g approx


     Concrete is made using locally sourced crushed granite dust to which we add a polymer bonding agent to make the concrete frost proof and waterproof.  Cement dye is added to create natural tones.  The stones are waxed and polished at the final part of the process.  As you handle the holding stone the natural oils from your skin will enhance its patina over time.  You can use a quality furniture polish to care for your pebble and keep it shiny if you choose.

    A small amount of ashes is added to the mould as the cement is being poured so that they become fully incorporated into the solid piece. With the addition of cremation ashes the cement aggregate becomes a unique composition - making each piece is a new creation with its own character and charm. This includes surface markings such as granular patterns and air bubbles that naturally occur in the artisan process. Therefore please bear in mind that photos shown are for display only. Direct replication is impossible, so with a tonal choice for example colour match may not be exact as the pigment to cement ratio may differ slightly.


    Approximate size of stones is 10 x 8 x 6 cm

    Weight: 0.5kg

    SHAPE OPTIONS:  There are two different shapes to choose from for this product.  A is more rounded with a flattened face on one side, and B is more of a curved shape narrowing to one side.  Both are designed to sit snugly in the hand.  Please see photos and choose from the drop down option menu.

    We do not do multiple orders at the same time but give our full  attention to each individual order.  We light a candle and devote the time to casting the ashes mindfully on behalf of you and your family.

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