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"A dove struggling in a storm grows stronger than an eagle soaring in sunshine."


Exquisitely tactile smooth lines and curves form this stylised sculpture designed to sit snugly in your hand.


Doves are associated with peace, gentleness and purity, and are often used as a symbol of heaven and spiritual connection.





  • Our concrete is made using locally sourced crushed granite dust to which we add a polymer bonding agent to make the concrete frost proof and waterproof.  


    The dove sculpture is made using white cement giving it a lighter and brighter appearance than conventional portland cement.


    Cremation ashes are mixed into the cement as the cast is being poured so it becomes a solid piece of cremation sculpure as opposed to a hollow urn.


    A small amount of ashes is added to the mould as the cement is being poured so that they become fully incorporated into the solid piece. 


    With the addition of cremation ashes the cement aggregate becomes a unique composition - making each piece is a new creation with its own character and charm. This includes surface markings such as granular patterns and air bubbles that naturally occur in the artisan process. Therefore please bear in mind that photos shown are for display only. Direct replication is impossible, so with a tonal choice for example colour match may not be exact as the pigment to cement ratio may differ slightly.


    Size:  15 x 6 x 6 cm

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