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Stunning, stylish & simple this classic orb showcases the understated beauty of polished concrete.  It has an other-worldly quality to it, and is an alternative to a more figurative piece such as the angel wing.  As a minimalist piece of modern art it would not look out of place in any room of the house.  



  • Photos shown are for display only and used as a template. Direct replication is impossible. Colour match may not be exact as the pigment to cement ratio may differ slightly. Most importantly, with the addition of cremation ashes the cement aggregate becomes a unique mix -each piece is a new creation. Your item will be unique with its own markings including air bubbles that naturally occur in the artisan process - all part of its distinctive character and charm.


    Concrete is made using locally sourced crushed granite dust to which we add a polymer bonding agent to make the concrete frost proof and waterproof.  This makes it suitable for placement outdoors, although its surface appearance will change with exposure to the elements.

    If used indoors you can enhance the polished surface using a furniture wax and soft cloth.


    Size: 12 cm





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