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~ In stillness we find balance ~

In Buddhism stone stacking is a practice that brings the focus of attention to the present moment, signifying the coordination, balance and concentration needed to control the mind and body.   This moveable sculpture is a set of three pebbles that are shaped in such a ways as to require focus and careful placement to achieve equilibrium.  They can be balanced in a number of different orientations so you can play, go with the flow and settle on what feels right.  Made from white cement and crushed granite blended with ashes of your loved one, this moveable sculpture will bring a sense of presence, purity and calmness to your home or work space. 



  • Upon receiving your order we will send you an ashes collection kit which will include everything you need to send us the ashes we need to complete your order.  The amount of ashes is calculated specifically for your order so please only send what we ask for (if we are unable to use all the ashes we will return them with your order). 

    We will let you know as soon as we receive the ashes you send.

    Everything is done lovingly by hand and this takes time. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery and  longer for multiple castings.  Keep in touch with us via the website messaging service and we're happy to update you on progress. You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been shipped.



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