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Some of our larger items are listed as collection only due to their size and weight or because they are fragile and unsuitable for standard postage. 

If you are unable to collect in person you can choose to arrange a courier yourself, or ask us to do it for you.   We will ensure that our product is carefully and robustly packaged, which often means building a wooden pallet frame or box as shown in the photos above.

We use which has an excellent Trust Pilot rating.  Operatives are small family firms who know in advance exactly what they are transporting and deliver door to door with no changeover handling at depots. 

If you ask us to arrange delivery for you we will need to know a few things in advance such as whether there will be help available with the lifting, if there are steps etc.  We will also need a contact telephone number.  

You will be given a delivery date to accept in advance and a 3 hour window the day before.  

The price for this service will depend on whereabouts in the UK you are and the weight of the load.  On average for the birdbath memorial for example, we would expect quotes in the region of £80 to £100.

Visit and read their reviews.  

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